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SINCE 1970 Specialist in Tea

Made by Experienced and Professional Tasters & Blenders!

Full-Bodied Blend From The Upper Gardens Of Assam With A Rich And Flavoursome Taste. Made By
Experienced And Professional Tasters And Blenders, The Motive Behind Including Badshahi In Our Range Of Heritage Teas Was,
To Satisfy The Taste Buds Of All The Members Of The Family .After A Hard Days Graft, You Deserve No Less.

This Everyday Brew Boasts A Homely, Smooth And Mind Boggling Taste. Nothing Else
Comes Close. Badshahi Helps Boost The Immune System Of Your Body.

A Cup Of Badshahi Is A Transport Of Delight


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A delicious full-bodied blend from the upper gardens of Assam, made by experienced and professional tasters and blenders. A cup of Badshahi is a transport of delight.

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PSP is a tea that has remarkable freshness in flavour and fragrance that helps rejuvenate the mind.A cup of PSP would definitely be followed by a smile on your face.

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Badshahi Advance is a refreshingly brisk, bright and full flavoured dust blend. From the delicate colour and aroma, to the pleasant tang and the sweet aftertaste, this is pure tea at its finest.

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Badshahi Green Tea is produced in harmony with nature with the aim to rejuvenate the Soul! It's Officially awesome for your health as it comes with only sieved benefits to nurture your well being.